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Our story on the “Jewel of the Aegean”…

A few years ago, in the summer of 1997, Eleftheria and George with their three young daughters, Angeliki, Dimitra and Lydia, visited the island of Syros for the first time. They did not know what they would encounter and as with any traveler visiting a new place, their expectations were high. But none of them expected what fate had in store for them!

Fate? Karma? Destiny? Our family was meant to be forever attached to this place. Its energy was similar to her aura. The golden sun and the blue sea that ooze serenity, the liveliness of the cicada song that lures you into a carefree summer dance, the smiles of the people who warm you and hug you, the romantic, playful rosy horizon in sunsets and sunrises … They all conspired so to connect the hearts of the family members with the island and from then every year returned to it, even for a few days. Syros, from now on, would be part of their lives.

The three girls grew up, followed the path of their mother, Eleftheria, and their love for children and for the art of pedagogy and thus became teachers. Each one had her own course based on her personal inclination. One with song and dance, the other with theater and cinema and the third one with literature and poetry. All three of them, however, had their “dreamcatcher” as a common point of reference, this “jewel” resting in the center of the Aegean, the “Lady” who make them forget all their worries as they walk on its shores and alleys, enliven their senses and become small, carefree girls again.

So it was not long before the great idea was born. They would share this happiness with the entirely world! “Why not spread such a blessing, something so beautiful and so abundant that is all around us, as far as we can? In every corner of the Earth!“And so it happened!

Passion, imagination, a hard work and love, are the ingredients for the creation of our “child”. And its name… Elefthia Syros. His mother, the mother of all, Eleftheria. Its godmothers, the three sisters, AngelikiDimitra and Lydia. And George is the guardian angel, the protector and the founder of all.

And its name…

The etymology of the name “Elefthia” derived from the verb “ eleftho” which means “I come, I bring”. So Elefthia Syros comes to bring and offer you the experience of the most generous hospitality with the stunning view, the beauty of nature that surrounds it and the warmth of the people around you.

And its Name…Elefthia” . That was the name of the ancient Greek goddess of birth daughter of Zeus and Hera who was older than Saturn. It appears that her name is written on a sign of Linear B found in Knossos, the center of Minoan Crete. Olin, the poet, wrote an hymn dedicated to her considering her the mother of Eros.

“Elefthia”“Eleftheria” is its soul. The faith, patience and perseverance of this woman made this paradise come true. Mother Eleftheria, who shares life and devotion through her arms. Inexhaustible source of love and supporter to what the authentic Greek hospitality stands for.

“Eleftheria” – “freedom” – “liberation ”, is its essence. It is the amazing feeling that is created when you enter our space, a feeling of carefreeness, protection and peace. The sense of security and trust that one experiences in a free country such as Greece, the birthplace of democracy, libertarianism and peace of people.

An Idea… a Company… a Hug!

Friendship means sharing! So we shared our idea with friends who believed in it, hugged it, stood by us and supported us with enthusiasm. So everyone ,either individually or in combination with each other, put his little stone and helped to make the dream come true. Some of them were:

Lisa Morfoniou, having years of experience in the field of decoration, having the sense of hospitality and be aware of our philosophy, put all her art and aesthetics and created. With her inconceivable imagination and her general knowledge everything became a tangible, dreamy reality.

Sofia Gaitani, a great modern artist, was inspired and created ,by using her magic brush, the symbol that identifies and encapsulates all the dynamics of the field. A symbol of elegance, care, rebirth, a symbol that uplift your soul and brings you happiness. This symbol is our colorful butterflies which make the visitor to shake off worries and concerns just by looking at those.

Olympia Krasagaki, gifted and unique in the field of photography, came with her inexhaustible joy and her special camera to immortalize these moments of creation and our emotions.

The love for what we do, each one of us in his field, is the common thing which connect us. Showing patience, persistence, integrity and will, and wearing a big, bright smile, we joined forces and… “Power in Union”.

And everything looks like summer in this embrace!

Elefthia Syros is not only another place to stay on our beautiful island. It is our paradise. A refreshing experience that remind us that the blessing and the beauty are hidden all around us. As long as we give ourselves the chance to see all these.

Surrender unconditionally to the Cycladic wind, the Aegean golden-blue waters and the epitome of Greek hospitality.

Slow down and feel like flying in our fascinating environment…

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